Khamenei:  Iran should not display weakness to the enemy

In a recent sermon, Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, warned against displaying any weakness to the country’s enemies.

Speaking in a sermon at the Imam Khomenei Musalla in Tehran on March 7, Ayatollah Khamenei said, “The mistake some of us have made is in underestimating the major economic challenges which the country [Iran] faces today.   We are today facing a major economic challenge.  A big mistake we made was letting our weakness in the economic field become known. The enemy found this to be a means of putting pressure on us and has increased pressure in this area. For example, it happened that an official of one of the [world powers] whose country held military maneuvers, he was asked during an interview, ‘You’re carrying out maneuvers while you’re holding economic talks with Iran – don’t you think that might upset Iranians and maybe damage the talks?’    In response, he said, with no modesty of course, ‘It won’t [damage the talks] because Iranians desperately need economic talks so our military exercises won’t impact them.”

Khamenei added, “They [world powers] should not use these economic talks as a sign of weakness in us.   Yes, the enemy has sensed weakness in us, hence they attacked us [supposedly], but were we actually weak or not? Yes, we were weak because our armed forces were widely dispersed and stressed and chaotic, and lacked regular management; our military equipment was not useful and effective. Many of [our weapons] were known [to the enemy].  In addition after two years of war [the Iran-Iraq war], we found some of the military equipment in our arsenal, discovering that we possessed this equipment.”