Iranian defense minister: ‘We must surprise the enemy and hit them where it hurts most

Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier-General Hossein Deghan asserted in a recent interview that Iran must strengthen its military capabilities in order to be able to launch surprise attacks on the Islamic Republic’s enemies, primarily the USA and Israel, and to hit them “where it hurts the most.”

In an interview broadcast by an Iranian state news channel on Saturday, March 4, Brig. Gen. Deghan, a former  IRGC air force commander,  said, “Today, the main threat [to Iran] is from the arrogant regime of America, along with the Zionists [Israel] and so on.  So, when we consider how to fight this threat, we need to find factors that give us the upper hand in the battle.”

The defense minister continued, there will be a situation of asymmetric warfare.  We have several plans to develop our [military] products and technology, to improve our existing products, and to develop our manufacturing infrastructure.    We must operate in such a way that, strategically, we will not be surprised on the day [of battle], for example by finding ourselves in a scenario which we didn’t think of or suffering damage that we didn’t anticipate.  In addition, we need to have sufficient power to surprise the enemy; in other words, we need to hit the enemy where it hurts the most.”