IRIB’s report from Shayrat airbase

[An IRIB report from Shayrat airbase after U.S. recent attacks. The report tries to undermine the impact of the attack on the airport, calling it a ‘Hollywood scenario.’] TV anchor asks: Right now, we are in contact with Hosseini, IRIB’s journalist in Shayrat airbase in Syria. Mr. Hosseini please tell us about the latest field developments in Syria, and tell us about conditions in Shayrat airbase.

Reporter describes his position: In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful. You and dear viewers of noon news are witnessing exclusive images from inside the Shayrat airbase.

Reporter points to an intact fighter jet: If you pay attention, right behind me is a Sukhoi fighter jet of Syrian Army in this hanger, ready to fly at any moment to bomb the positions and caravans of ISIL Takfiris.

He undermines the attack’s impact: There is a huge difference between U.S. Hollywood images about missile attack against this airbase, and the realities in field. Syrian Army’s fighter jets started their flights only a couple of hours after the attack, and these flights are constantly taking place according to required plans every day.

He asks the political expert to describe his observations of the airbase: But as for fictitious scenario of chemical attack against Khan Sheikhun and U.S. attack, let me have a short talk with Dr. Assadollahi, the political expert who has come with us to this airbase. Dr. Assadollahi, the image of this airbase was somehow surprising to me. The realities in the airbase are completely contrary to claims made not just by the U.S., but by the western media and particularly by governments that support terrorist Takfiri groups in Syria. After you fully saw the airbase, how did you find it?

Dr. Assadollahi talks about how the attack has failed: In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful. As you said, there is a huge difference between U.S. claims and what we are seeing in the airbase now. In the early hours after the attack, the Americans announced that they have destroyed all infrastructures and plants in this airbase—including the runway, control tower, hangers, and aircrafts inside the hangers, as well as fuel storage tanks and other facilities. Now that we have come here, one gets surprised. One should search hard to find out where is targeted and hit. Everywhere is intact. Control tower is completely intact. The runway is intact. Out of 30 hangers, 7 were targeted, and by the way they are not completely destroyed, just burned to some extent.

Assadollahi says that the U.S. has attacked useless targets: Along these, they have targeted fuel storage tanks, which is very strange because they have attacked ordinary fuel tanks that were here. They are not worth the missiles that have hit them.

Assadollahi expresses his opinion as to U.S. possible reasons behind this attack: This shows that either a military scandal has happened for U.S. military capabilities. And we are witnessing that with our own eyes. They say that they have launched 59 missiles, but you should try hard to find any destructions. Or Trump who has wanted to get out of the crisis of intense political pressures, has made a Hollywood claim to increase his popularity in America. And unfortunately, this has happened and they are talking about him as a powerful president. But those who want to measure U.S. power, should come here to this airbase once and see the results of such attacks. Well, in my opinion, there will be no signs of all these attentions, cheers, happiness by the militaries and their supporters in a few days. And everybody will realize that this was just a scenario from a Hollywood movie.

Reporter concludes: Thank you. Mr. Heidari I should mention that in next couple of hours, we will cover two events. Either victories of the army and Resistance forces in Hama front. Or exit of 8000 women, children and the wounded from the sieged city of al-Fu’ah and Kafriya. This issue—sieging these people in al-Fu’ah and Kafriya– is by no means covered in western media. They have been completely sieged for 2 years. And it is possible that 8000 people will be liberated from the Takfiris’ siege in next hours or next days.

TV anchor: Thank you.