Iranian regime building ‘marine tunnels’ ready to confront US and “drown them in the Hormuz Strait”

In this recent news report from Iranian state TV, a senior regime military commander talks about how the regime is strengthening its military capabilities, boasting that Iranian forces are ready to sink the US navy in the Hormuz Strait.

The news anchor-man says, “Iran is strengthening its defensive stronghold in the face of the enemy after unveiling the underground tunnel network and missiles of the Revolutionary Guards Corps.  Now an IRGC naval commander says that footage of the IRGC’s marine tunnel will soon be broadcast in media.

The anchor introduces Admiral Ali Fadavi, the Commander of the Navy of the ‘Guardians of the Islamic Revolution’, appointed in 2010, who says, “We want a chance to show that our vessels, rather than travelling from the waterfront [jetties] on the shore towards Americans, from now on they can use the marine tunnels to travel, ensuring that no power will be capable of striking and damaging our vessels in these marine tunnels before we clash with [Americans]. Hence, in future if they’re interested, we will certainly unveil this.

The news anchor says, “By indicating that Iran has full supervision and data-gathering power in the Persian Gulf [Arabian Gulf], Admiral Fadavi has warned the Americans that if they make a mistake they will be drowned in the Strait of Hormuz.”

Admiral Fadavi then states, “In the Persian Gulf [Arabian Gulf], the Americans are doing foolish actions and we will not allow Americans who cross and pass through our Iranian water boundaries to go unharmed.  Also our skies they [American aircraft] will be treated the same way.   So they should be careful if the IRGC’s aerospace forces, as well as the IRGC’s naval forces  dominate the airspace as they do the waters of the Persian Gulf

The TV anchor concludes the report by stating, “The Defence Minister has also announced that the  S-300 missile defence system has now been  delivered to Iran for installation at the Khatam al-Anbia Air Defense Base,” adding that the regime is also in the final stages of manufacturing its own new ‘Bavar-373’  long-range air defence system.