Another IRGC missile city

[The report is about IRGC ‘missile cities’ where they keep and test different kinds of missile and related technologies.]

Reporter says: As missile drill Eghtedar Velayat approaches its final stages, Iran Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), in a significant measure, showed another part of the greatness of its missile city to world, so that all Iranians and lovers of Iran feel safer, and enemies of this land feel more scared–enemies who do not want to see Iran safe, independent and powerful.

IRGC Commander Mohammad Ali Jafari names Iran’s red line: We will not negotiate over our defensive power and our national security at all. It is our red line.

IRGC official talks of how Americans want to shut down Iran’s missile programs: The Americans have started a new move and a new project, and after JCPOA, they are after new phase of missile sanctions. They intend to shut down the security measures of our country. And naturally just as IRGC has not allowed to be blackmailed so far, it will disappoint them once again.Reporter describes ‘missile city’: Cities that hold piles of ballistic missiles in themselves. And whenever the commanders find it necessary, the missiles will very quickly go through the process of fueling and becoming operative under the ground, and will be transferred to underground silos. Now underground silos are the main attachments to our missile cities—the very cities that the enemies try hard to shut down, but to no avail.

Reporter calls this ‘missile revolution’ in Iran: Experts of IRGC aero-space believe that there has been a missile revolution in Islamic Iran.

IRGC Official says: This has been here. And this very spot where we are standing now was designed 25 years ago.

Reporter asserts: Now imagine if this power and greatness belongs to 25 years ago, what is IRGC’s standing in missile technology now?

Mohammad Ali Jafari states: Today IRGC’s Aero-space force is unique power in the region.

Reporter informs the viewers about the missile test they are about to see: Dear viewers, a few seconds from now, we will be witnessing parts of missile revolution of Islam’s corps. Ghiyam long-range ballistic missile will make a revolution under the ground. This stage of the drill is like an uprising. With testing this missile, our underground silos are capable of launching different kinds of long-range, mid-range and short-range missiles.

Mohammad Ali Jafari urges: Whoever has enmity with Islamic Iran, is more terrified at our preparations and capabilities.

Reporter concludes: At the dawn of Tuesday, 8 March 2016. And the powerful roaring of Ghiyam missile from the depth of the ground and underground silos for launching missiles.