Iran’s 5th naval group dispatched to Kazakhstan

[Admiral Ahmad Reza Bagheri, commander of Iranian northern fleet, is talking about the friendly mission of an Iranian Naval Group to Kazakhstan.]

  Admiral Ahmad Reza Bagheri explains the mission: This is for the first time that Peace and Friendship flotilla of Islamic Republic of Iran is travelling to Kazakhstan’s Aktau Port.In general, this is the 5th mission of Peace and Friendship flotilla in the Caspian Sea to ports of the countries at the periphery of the Caspian Sea. Travel to Aktau Port and Kazakhstan is for the first time, which is why it is very important to us.

He talks of ships that will take part in this mission: God willing, in this mission, Damavand Destroyer and Paykan missile boat of Islamic Republic of Iran will take part. The appointed personnel and staff will accompany these units in this mission.

He describes the purpose and significance of the mission: One of the significant achievements of strategic naval missions of Islamic Republic’s Army in different parts of the world, as well as in the Caspian Sea, is to create and maintain security, which will also prepare the grounds for higher employment and production, thus promoting the country’s economy. The second important point in this regard is to convey experience and establish friendly relationship with naval forces of Caspian Sea countries, which will take place in form of such missions.