Ahmadinejad’s cult


[A VOA program, called Last Page, profiles Ahmadinejad’s cult, and the way they are planning to come to the upcoming presidential elections.]

 Host outlines how Ahmadinejad’s cult nominated a candidate for elections: In August 26, the supreme leader told Ahmadinejad that it is better if he withdraws himself [from the elections]. On September 28, he wrote a letter to the leader, saying that ‘I withdrew myself from elections.’ (I read a part of it for you.) In October and November, the cult had consecutive meetings in Velenjak [northern Tehran]. In January and February, they organized their people. In March, they announced their candidates, and started putting on their shows.

Host makes fun of how Ahmadinejad’s people plant a tree: (Did you pay attention that they put the tree in the soil while it was in the tin, and the root will not be able to grow? And this is their planting a tree! All their boards and signs are colorless too.)

He describes Ahmadinejad’s plan and interest in Internet: One of their plans is to use the Internet. Among the Iranians youths, 6 out of 10 are members of Internet channels. When Ahmadinejad’s people see these statistics, they lose their own control and it becomes more like a comedy.

Ahmadinejad says: In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful. Follow me @Ahmadinejad1956. That’s me. Peace and love. And best wishes.

Host makes fun of the way Ahmadinejad talks and his hypocrisy: That’s me! May God preserve you! In the same Twitter that was filtered by Ahmadinejad’s government. He blocked it. It was in 2009, that Twitter was blocked. Now Ahmadinejad himself opens an account in the Twitter: Come and Follow me. Why do need supporters? Why do you need to say, ‘Follow me’?

Host talks of the time when Ahmadinejad talked of being recognized in the U.S. by a little girl: Wasn’t it true that many years ago a 2 or 3-year-old Spanish child recognized you in another part of the world from behind the dark windows of the car?

Ahmadinejad is giving a speech: Last year when I went to New York, there was a motorcade. You know when I go there, they give me heavy security. Just like their own president. 20, 30 cars, all black. And people stand by the roads. You know, people in that society. They look into the cars, whenever they get a chance. For a second, their eyes fell upon me. And in that one second, somebody did this to prove something. He was with his friend who was holding a 2 or 3-year-old girl. He told the little girl, ‘come here.’ And then he showed me to her and asked, ‘who is this?’ (They were speaking Spanish.) The child looked at me and said, ‘this is Mahmoud.’

Host calls Ahmadinejad insane: You must have heard that some say Ahmadinejad has mental problem. Well, that’s what they say. But how come the president of the country sit in a live TV program and catch a fly? Ahmadinejad says: Greeting to Iranian great people, and wherever you are, I congratulate you for Rajab month.Host describes how Ahmadinejad’s cult is trying to attract people: He has made ID cards for his supporters, just like football clubs. Look: ID for supporters of Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. They have said that football supporters have ID cards. We will issue cards, maybe it works!

Host talks of Ahmadinejad’s plan: Do not forget that this person was head of the ‘sacred government’ for 8 years. He had not come from nowhere. A number of you voted for him. They also rigged the elections. Hamid Baghai, Ahmadinejad’s executive deputy when he was the president, has nominated himself for the upcoming presidential elections as an independent candidate. And when he says ‘independent’, it means that ‘I am not principlist, I am not reformist, I belong to Ahmadinejadism.’ It means that ‘I am the candidate and representative of Ahmadinejad’s cult.’ Host points to the godfather of this cult: The godfather of this cult is Rahim Mashaei. Rahim Mashaei says: We do not recognize the path without Ahmadinejad. When Mr. Ahmadinejad says, ‘I don’t have any candidates in elections, isn’t it possible for someone to say that I am not going to let go of you?’ Is Mr. Ahmadinejad’s present condition by his choice? Was it by Mr. Ahmadinejad’s discretion? That is not so. This is Mr. Ahmadinejad’s respect for the supreme leader. In my opinion, Ahmadinejad’s current and Ahmadinejad himself must show that they have unbreakable tie with the very person of the supreme leader. In the absence of Ahmadinejad, you elected me because of him. I am proud to have some resemblance to Dr. Ahmadinejad. I am proud. And let me say it proudly—and I do really believe it—that Baghai looks more like Ahmadinejad.