Khamenei’s meeting with foreign youths

[Youths from 73 countries had a meeting with Khamenei. In this meeting, he emphasized the significance of youths’ Islamic awakening in general awakening of Islamic nations. He also accuses the ‘enemies’ of trying to create division and differences among Islamic nations.]

TV anchor says: Hundreds of youths from 73 countries in the world including Egypt, Tunis, Libya, Lebanon, Yemen, Bahrain, and Palestine met with the supreme leader of Islamic Revolution in an intimate atmosphere full of Islamic and revolutionary feelings. In the beginning, youths from 7 Islamic countries expressed their views about regional developments, while emphasizing on the necessity of following up revolution’s goals and full realization of Islamic people’s ideals in the region.

TV anchor continues: After the remarks of youths’ representatives participating in Islamic Awakening Summit, Ayatollah Khamenei called the youths from Islamic countries as bearers of great tidings for the future of Islamic Ummah [community]. He added that awakening of youths throughout the Islamic world has increased the hope for general awakening of Islamic nations. Pointing out to complicated, dangerous, corrupt and satanic dominance of dictatorial network of Zionists and arrogant powers over the world, the supreme leader of revolution added that rebellions of regional nations against dependent dictators are part of mankind’s rebellion against Zionist global dictatorship.

He further explains: Mentioning Islamic Republic’s significant scientific progress in nuclear domain, bio-technology, medicine, and other domains, Ayatollah Khamenei said that it has been for almost 2 centuries that enemies of Islamic Ummah have kept Islamic nations backward by creating the feeling of incapability in Muslim nations and indoctrinating the idea of world powers being undefeatable.

TV anchor continues: He emphasized that today Islamic Ummah has awakened, realizing that both images are absolutely wrong. And Islamic nations can revive the greatness of Islamic civilizations. Pointing out to enemies’ collusion to strike Islamic awaking movement, Ayatollah Khamenei called creating difference and division among Islamic nations as one of enemies’ tricks.

TV anchor asserts: He called today’s conditions in Bahrain as an example of world arrogance front’s media trying to create differences and division by suggesting that justice-seeking movement of the people in this country is sectarian. In order to give a standard for judging events and happenings, he added that wherever there was an activity or plan which was in the favor of Israel and America, they should be alert, knowing that this is a foreign movement against nations’ interests. Supreme leader of revolution considered 32 years of Islamic Republic’s experience in confronting conspiracies of the United States and other enemies of Islam as an example of realization of divine promise as to the victory of truth over falsehood.

Khamenei describes Islamic Republic as ‘God’s promise’: We have had a lot of experiences in past 30 years. For 32 years, we confronted enmities, stood up against them, and defeated the enemies.  The west and America did all they could against Islamic Republic. And anything that they didn’t do, it was because they couldn’t. They did whatever they could. And we slapped them in the face. And they were defeated. It will be likewise from now on as well. From now on, too, they will be defeated in all their conspiracies against Islamic Republic. This is the divine promise to us. And we have no doubts in this regard.