Khamenei’s meeting with women

[A report about women from 85 countries who have come to visit Iran’s leader, Ali Khamenei.]

Reporter describes the situation: 21 July 2012. 27 years later.

Daughter of Martyr Sheikh Ragheb Harb tells Khamenei: Our master! Warm greetings to you from all women and men and all those who swore allegiance to you and follow your orders. Sheikh of all martyrs had told Imam Khomeini: ‘My master! If you go through the seas, we will follow you.’ And now we tell you: ‘Our master! We swear to God that if you go through the seas, we will follow you.’

Reporter explains who this woman is: This is the daughter of Sheikh Ragheb Harb whose father was martyred by Zionists in 1984.

Other girls and women express their love for the leader: We love to be here.

–We say, ‘let our lives be sacrificed for our leader.’

Reporter lightly challenges one of them: But he is our [Iran’s] leader.

–No, he is the leader of all. He is our leader as well.

Reporter says: All of them are waiting to see Seyed Ali Khamenei.

Lebanese girl: I really don’t know what to say. I can’t express myself. We are here to see our supreme leader. He is the deputy of Mehdi [Shia Imam Zaman].

Reporter continues: Here most of women are Sunni.

Saudi Arabian lady: The real leader is someone who has captured our hearts.

Girl from Montenegro: I am from Montenegro, southeast Europe.

Girl from Bosnia: I can’t wait any longer to see him.

Reporter uses famous Persian love poetry to describe how these girls and women feel: It seems that Seyed’s [Khamenei] guests– with any taste, language or conviction—has read Divan of Shams [collection of love poetry by Rumi]:

I was dead, I became alive

I was crying, now I am laughing;

The kingdom of love came,

And I became a permanent kingdom.

Reporter continues: Agha [Khamenei] had guests from 85 countries—lovers of Islamic-Iranian model.

Girl from Canada: In my opinion, this is the most perfect form of Hijab.

Girl from Canada: I really love being in Iran.

Tunisian lady: We are following the model of the experience of Iran, Imam Khomeini’s revolution, and Islamic awakening, because it worked in Lebanon.

Reporter highlights the presence of a mother: Mother of the 14-year-old Bahraini martyr was also the special guest of Agha [Khamenei]. Respecting martyrs’ families is a part of Agha Seyed’s outlook. The host of this feast did all he could for travelers who had come a long distance for swearing their allegiance with ideals of Islamic Revolution.

Khamenei welcomes the girls and women: I welcome you. This is your own house. It belongs to you.