British supporters of Iran’s regime attend ‘Resistance Day’ parade in Tehran

This English-language footage (with Farsi subtitles) shows interviews originally broadcast on Iranian state TV with British Shia supporters of the Iranian regime who traveled from London to Tehran to participate in the annual “Resistance Day” parade for 2017, marking the thirty-eighth anniversary of the 1979 revolution that brought the theocratic regime to power.

The British interviewees express their enthusiastic support for the Iranian regime, along with their apparent lack of any sense of irony, making comments including: “Any government that oppresses you is against what you’re supposed to do. You have to fight the regime to the end, it’s the cause [of freedom from oppression] that matters” and “Surely this is the center of resistance against all oppression – nowhere else in the world has the same affinity towards resistance.”    The Iranian regime forbids any form of dissent, torturing and routinely executing dissidents.  An English-language banner carried at the March bears the slogan “We Are Ready for the Great Battle”, while another shows a grotesque caricature of Barrack Obama.