Khamenei reiterates rejection of any external inspections of Iranian military sites

In this footage broadcast on an Iranian state military TV channel on May 20, 2015, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei delivers a speech reiterating his rejection of any inspections of Iranian military sites by UN or any other external bodies.

In the speech, the leader of the ‘Islamic Republic’ said, “We do not permit and we will never ever allow any inspection by aliens [foreigners] to be conducted at any military sites.  They said, ‘We must come to Iran to conduct interviews with your scientists’, which means in reality, ‘We will interrogate them.’    We shall not allow even a minor insult to be made against the privacy of our nuclear scientists and any of our other scientists in sensitive and important areas.”

Khamenei continued, “I will not allow foreigners to come to our dear scientists and prominent sons of our Iranian nation, who have brought and attained this massive [nuclear] knowledge here,  and then the foreigners will want to remain with them [Iranian nuclear scientists].”

The news reporter then interjected to emphasize Khamenei’s statement, saying, “The supreme leader has affirmed that he will not allow any such action [inspection] to be undertaken.”

The Supreme Leader is then shown, saying, “The rude and brazen enemy expects us to open the way for them so that they can enter the country to speak and negotiate with our scientists, our professors, and researchers – but about what?   It’s about the major scientific progress which is native to the country.  Such permission absolutely will not be granted;  the enemy and those waiting to discover the Iranian regime’s decision in this regard should know and get used to this [the regime’s stance].”

The news reporter then interjected again to introduce the end of the speech, saying that Khamenei asserted that determination without reaction is the way to face this “brazen enemy.”

Concluding his speech, Khamenei lauded regime officials, saying, “Our dear officials who are bravely advancing in this field should know that the only way to face this insolent and brazen enemy is through steadfast determination and not being reactive.”