America cannot do a damn thing

[Mehrdad Bazrpash, Iranian principlist and former lawmaker, is accusing some government officials of being ‘cowards’, because they are trying to convey to Iranian youths that Islamic Republic is not a capable country.]

Mehrdad Bazrpash accuses some people of trying to convey to Iranians that they are not capable: America cannot do a damn thing to these people until further notice. Until the time when these cowards succeed who try to convey to people that we can’t [don’t have any capability].

Bazrpash holds that if they become successful, then Islamic Republic is over: If they succeed to convey that ‘we can’t’ to our youths’ minds, and our youths believe them, then that is the end of Islamic Republic. Otherwise, there is no match for Islamic Republic. If they can make people—specially third and fourth youth generations—believe that Islamic Republic can’t [isn’t capable], then that would be the end of Islamic Republic.

Khomeini’s well-known quotation regarding America: The youth must be sure that America can’t do a damn thing. Don’t talk about military intervention. America cannot intervene militarily in this country.

Bazrpash claims that those who are trying to convey to people that they are not capable, will change the course of history: Then anyone who could do something to stop this slogan, anyone who conveyed this slogan, anyone who acted wrongly and made people believe that Islamic Republic can’t, he is responsible for changing the course of history. This revolution is very big. Big revolutions have big enemies. Big nations have big enemies. Big enemies show big enmity. Against big enemy, we need big measures.