Iranian cleric condemns US population increase, claims US imported immigrants to stop “threat” from African-Americans

A senior Iranian cleric has claimed that successive US governments imported immigrants from other countries specifically to thwart the “threat” posed to the country by African-Americans.   The official, Hassan Rahimpour Azghadi, a member of the regime’s Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution, made the remarkable claim in a speech warning against divorce rates in Iran. 

“Thirty-five years ago, one-third of Americans were black. During the Islamic revolution [in 1979], the American population was 250 million, but now the population is 350 million, which means that within these 35 years one hundred million have been added to the American population.  A hundred million! China, which is the most populous country in the world, its population is one-and-a-half billion, and its increase in population is three times ours [Iran’s]; yesterday they raised the limit for each family, which was previously only one child per family, and said that citizens could have as many children as they want. This way is much better”.  

He added, “Now, while China has a population of a billion-and-a-half, why are they saying that their population must be increased over this, and keep telling the people ‘Go and make children fast’?  Why do they keep saying that, if overpopulation is counterproductive and bad for the economy, causing poverty and underdevelopment?  This issue depends on how the country manages it.  In one place, a large population could be a source of power and development, but a small population could destroy you, while in another place, the situation is the opposite; it depends on how you manage it and if you do your duty correctly”.

He continued, “Well now, around 120 million have been added to the American population since our Islamic revolution.  Okay, so they [the USA] brought immigrant people of various ethnicities from  different countries so as to reduce the black population, which is the most dangerous and the largest minority the country in terms of politics and capitalism for the American regime. They made their [African-Americans’] population fall from one-third of the total 35 years ago to one-sixth or one-fifth of the  country’s population now because according to this analysis it’s likely that the black population would take to the streets and protest at them [the U.S. government] since the number of Mexicans, Spanish, etcetera hasn’t reached this extent [of posing a threat to the USA].    America has planned for many issues in this regard, however, adding a hundred million to its population.  Despite this, they are planning for issues also seen in our country, Iran, such as reducing the population, allowing each family one child, delaying marriage and an increasing divorce rate; they are planning for all these issues”.

He asserted, “Do not take this as mockery since it’s already been announced that in northern neighborhoods of Tehran one-third of marriages end in divorce, even as we keep saying that the tears in the fabric of the institution of the family are taking place in the West.  Mashallah [‘God has willed’, an expression of joy, praise, used sarcastically here], with the divorce rate that we have, within 20 years we’ll surpass the West and America”.

He concluded, “They [Western nations] reached this divorce rate within 200 years, but we’ll have reached it within 20 years.   They tell us don’t have children while they’ve increased their population by a hundred million. They tell us  ‘Human rights should be like this, write your constitution like that’, while the American constitution itself is supposedly not divided, not based on religion or ethnicity, as if they’re all the same, homogenous.  A country [the USA] that had dozens of years of civil wars that killed hundreds of each other in their states – now they say ‘We are a unified nation!’