Mehrdad Bazrpash and U.S. plan B for Iran

[Mehrdad Bazrpash, principlist politician and former MP, is explaining U.S. plan B for Iran. He thinks this plan has three parts: cutting Iran oil revenue, entering Iran’s military industry, and making Iran’s border unsafe through terrorist groups in the region.]

Mehrdad Bazrpash points put to U.S. plan B: In recent events and nuclear negotiations that we had during past years, everyone is looking at the official negotiations. We all think that the western countries led by the U.S. are only controlling Iran through these negotiations. But I dare say that negotiations are just a part of their plan, and it is just one of their plans for controlling Iran. To change Iran into the most controlled country in the region and even the world, the west needs other plans as well. There is another plan that we can point out to, and its main feature is pressure in the region and bargain in negotiations. Three parts of this plan have either been shaped or are underway.

Mehrdad Bazrpash points out to an agreement between U.S. and Saudi Arabia for cutting oil price: First, the western countries are leading this plan through a specific triangle consisting of Zionists, Saudis and Americans. A part of this included cutting the oil price. In the Vienna session which took place between Geneva and Lausanne negotiations, John Kerry and former FM of Saudi Arabia Saud Al Faisal reached a main agreement, and they cut the oil price from about $100 to less than $50 per barrel. It means that oil price was cut in half. The result of this can be that even if oil sanctions are lifted completely, our oil revenue will not change compared to the time before sanctions. We go back to 3 months or maximum 4 months ago. But we won’t go back to 2010-2011.

He points out to how U.S. is trying to have an impact on Iran’s military industry: The second thing that they are doing is called Possible Military Dimension (PMD), that you have all heard about. PMD suddenly entered the negotiations. To realize PMD, it should have been proposed in negotiations. And in general, the main philosophy behind monitoring and inspection is for realizing PMD. As far as Americans were concerned, the nuclear negotiations with Iran were completed in Geneva. Lausanne was for unveiling something that might enter our military industry, and have an impact on it. PMD is the window through which they can enter our military industry. It means that Lausanne was a nuclear window to enter our military industry, specially our missile industry.

Mehrdad Bazrpash explains how safety of Iranian borders is targeted by U.S.: And third point in U.S. plan B is creating pressure through boosting terrorist groups, aiming at getting closer to Iran’s borders. Do not undermine this simultaneity: Zionist full support and design, Saudi’s money, and U.S. military and political support are all together for creating pressure in the region through boosting terrorist groups, aiming at getting closer to our borders and making them unsafe. This is the third part of U.S. plan which is being formed. To me, their simultaneity is very questionable.