Assembly in front of Caspian Credit Institute Building


[At the beginning of the new Iran year when everyone is celebrating with his family, depositors of Caspian Credit Institute have gathered in front of its building to protest the fact that this institute is not giving them access to their money. Iran’s Central Bank that has given license and permit to Caspian is not taking responsibility.]

 Depositor explains the situation, accusing Central Bank’s officials of being incompetent: At the moment when the new year starts, instead of setting Haft-Seen beside our family, we should be in streets and in front of Caspian Credit Institute Building, because of the incompetence of Central Bank’s officials.

He sends a message for the officials, warning them of consequences for this injustice:  At the moment of turning of the new year, our message to the officials is that we gave all our savings and money to Caspian Credit Institute due to Central Bank giving permit to this institute. Now that you have change our Eid to a funeral, do not be forgetful of consequences of your actions. It is not far from the time when the true hand of justice will come, and you will see the consequences of the injustice that you did to us, the depositors. Before it is too late, come to yourselves, and return our assets and peace to us.

He reminds the officials of Hassan Rouhani’s promises: One of basic citizen’s right in Mr. President’s Charter of Citizen Rights is preserving people’s lives and property. Due to Central Bank’s incompetence, our assets have been looted. And our lives are about to be wasted. Come to yourselves, before it is too late.

He announces their next appointment for protesting: God Willing, on April 8, we will gather in front of Central Bank. With our maximum presence, with our power, with our unity, they will hear our justice-seeking voice.

They all chant: God is Great!