Suleimani to Obama: You didn’t do a damn thing in Iraq

[A report prepared by Mostazafin TV. Qassem Suleimani is putting the blame on Americans for collapse of Iraqi cities. He also says that international coalition led by the U.S. is the main supporter of ISIL economically.]

Narrator says: Troubles of U.S. help. Iraq’s flag in popular forces’ hands.

Ashton Carter blames Iraqi forces for not fighting with resolve: Of course, we can give them necessary training and equipments, but we cannot give them the resolve to fight. If we give them necessary support, training, and equipments and give them the opportunity, we hope that the resolve to fight will be created in them. Because it is only with their fight that ISIL will be defeated.

Narrator explains what Carter is referring to: These are new biting remarks of U.S. Defense Secretary to Iraqi armed forces: that Iraqi military does not have the resolve to fight Takfiris and we cannot create that resolve in them. Ashton Carter is pointing to collapse of Ramadi in Al-Anbar. Iraqi forces lost control of this city after terrorists’ attack.

Narrator asserts: Perhaps some of the Iraqi officials had counted too much on U.S. help in fighting Takfiris. Haj Qassem Suleimani, commander of Quds Forces, reminded a few things to U.S. president about Ramadi’s collapse.

Qassem Suleimani blames Americans for Ramadi’s collapse: Mr. Obama, how far is Assad base where your aircrafts are from Ramadi? How come that a nation is equipped, there is massacre in it, and you are there on pretext of helping that nation, and you don’t do a damn thing [to help them]? Is it anything but being an accomplice in the conspiracy?

Narrator says Iraqis do not trust Americans in fight against ISIL: Iraqi army and popular forces have said that, with their own eyes, they have seen U.S. military forces helping terrorists. It was such issues that made Iraqi popular forces to tell Iraqi officials that in fight against terrorists, they should either on them or U.S. foreign forces who are not honest in their fight against terrorism.

Qassem Suleimani blames international coalition to fight ISIL for helping them economically: How is ISIL’s economy provided? From Kirkuk’s oil wells in Iraq and Deir Ezzor’s oil wells in Syria. Where is it exported to? You cannot export it with tanks and 20-liter drums. Oil tankers take them. And not just one tanker. Thousands of tankers take them. How is it transferred? From under the ground or over the ground? Through the countries that are in your international coalition to fight ISIL.

Narrator explains that Iranians are going to help Iraqi forces: Now popular forces along with the army are ready to re-take Ramadi. And Iran, as the standard bearer in fight against terrorism, as always defends fighting against terrorism.

Shmakhani points out to ISIL’s threat against Iran: If we do nothing, the threats will come to our borders, meaning that if you don’t fight with ISIL in Raqqa, they will come to Khanaqin. And if we don’t fight ISIL and Takfiris in Afghanistan, they will come to Zahedan.

Narrator says: Iraq’s prime minister says that Iranians are really threatening ISIL, but this is something that countries of the region have not believed in yet.

Iraq’s prime minster explains why they welcome Iran’s help: Iranians see threat against Iraq as a threat against Iran. That is because terrorism is the same everywhere, and it threatens Iran as well. I heard it myself that the commander of Iran’s army was saying that ISIL is a threat against Iran’s national security. And that’s why Iran has stood by Iraq, and we welcome its supports.