Response to Rouhani’s SMS for Iranian new year

[In the beginning of Iranian new year, Iran’s president sent an SMS to Iranians. In this clip, ordinary people are asked to respond to him. Most of the interviewees are asking him to keep his promises and create jobs.]

–To Mr. Rouhani?

–SMS to the president?

–To this president?

–I haven’t saved his number.

–How do we send him a message?

–New message, Dr. Rouhani.

–If problems are solved with SMS. He should keep his promises.

–People pay for these SMSs, right?

–There is nothing wrong with congratulating. But this is all a show to deceive us, the people.

–Tell all people to send SMS.

–This is a ridiculous SMS, right?

–He should think of people’s problems. Right now, they are talking about high prices, and every day prices are different.

–Congratulation would not become bread for people.

–Job. Only job.

–Whoever becomes the president, he should think about us, the youth.