Ravazadeh: No king called Cyrus ever existed!


[Hossein Ravazadeh is general practitioner and is active in traditional medicine. He is questioning existence of Iranian well-known king, and attributing his existence to Jews.]

Ravazadeh questions existence of Cyrus as an Iranian king: I have researched about Cyrus myself. They have done something so that now some of us call our sons Cyrus. Wherever I looked, I couldn’t find Cyrus in the history. There was no one called Cyrus in the history. We have never had a king called Cyrus. There was a Jew, and he wasn’t Cyrus either. Darius was also ‘Darhovash’, and not Darius. But there was a king called Darius.

He claims that Jews created Cyrus by rewriting the history: That Cyrus freed them [Jews], and brought them to Iran and gave them a place to stay. According to theories of a Jew called Herzl who says we [Jews] write the history ourselves, they wrote the history. They made him [Cyrus] a symbol. They made him a king and made us call our dear sons Cyrus. And then we were supposed to say 2,500th year of monarchy in Iran.

He continues: I am not talking out of prejudice. Some think this is prejudice. Somebody called Pirnia who was a freemason. (We are talking about the 19th century). He wrote a book called ‘History of Iran’s Ancient Civilization’. And incidentally he died in the middle of writing it. And another person called Abbas Ashtiani finished the book. Ashtiani himself admits that history of Iran is taken from Roman and Greek texts. It means that they do not belong to Iran.

Ravazedeh says that during Shah they celebrated Cyrus by mistake: In the celebration during Shah’s regime in which they spent billions of dollars, they celebrated the liberation of Jews by somebody called Cyrus, in the name of celebrating Persian Empire.