Khamenei lauds Hezbollah as “pride of the Muslim world

In this speech delivered to a gathering of Iranian students in April 2016, the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei boasted of Hezbollah’s regional activities and its supposed status as the “pride of the Muslim world.”  The Supreme Leader lavished praise on the  Lebanese  proxy militia responsible for perpetrating and assisting in the murder and ethno-sectarian cleansing of millions of Syrian and Iraqi Muslims on Iran’s behalf,  calling Hezbollah “the pride of the Muslim world.”

In the Supreme Leader’s words: “You can see what they [referring to the Western powers and Arab nations such as Saudi Arabia] have done and perpetrated against the faithful fighters of Hezbollah in Lebanon and Palestine. However, in the end what they could achieve?  No matter how great their propaganda, they implemented real activities against Hezbollah. They have threatened, and put their threats into practice”.

He added, “In the meantime, Hezbollah demonstrates its valorous status in the Islamic World, while a dependent, corrupt, hollow and empty state in the center that is followed and sponsored by the money from the sale of oil, for example, makes statements condemning Hezbollah. Well, to Hell with them!  What do they matter?”

He went on saying, “Hezbollah is in Lebanon like the sun is shining. Hezbollah is the pride of the Muslim world.  The young people of Hezbollah, and the Hezbollah group itself are the honor of the Muslim world.  What they have done, indeed three Arab counties’ armies could not do it in the war [a reference to killing thousands of people, displacing millions, and serving the Iranian regime’s expansionist agenda by eliminating Sunni Arabs]. Even the Zionist regime although it was empowered and was becoming more powerful, Hezbollah within 33 days managed to defeat it”.

He stressed, “Is this a small thing? Is this a minor thing?  Is this wrong to say that Hezbollah are the pride and honor of the Muslim World? Even if a shred of paper condemns them, what does it matter?”