2011 Iranian regime propaganda video shows Iran’s support for Bahraini uprising


This footage, produced by the Iranian regime, shows a group of Basiji, the Iranian regime’s own unofficial plainclothes militia akin to Assad’s Shabiha, assembling outside the port of Bandar Abbas in Iran in preparation for a clandestine voyage to Bahrain during the unrest there in 2011.  This provides further evidence of Iran’s involvement in the uprising there, which the Tehran regime incited and supported through backing for the majority Shiite cells in the Gulf Arab emirate, who are largely of Iranian Persian origin and loyal to the Iranian regime culturally and politically as well as in terms of religious doctrine.

In the clip, the Basiji thugs tell members of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) guarding the port that they are eager to board vessels bound for Bahrain in order to save their fraternal Shiites there, who they claim are being oppressed by Bahrain’s government.   The IRGC officers refuse to allow the Basijis to go, with one of Guards telling them that the Gulf is an international waterway and they are forbidden from using or approaching it.

At being told they will not be allowed to sail for Bahrain to help topple the regime there, the Basiji members, who can be heard chanting slogans including,  “We await the Supreme Leader’s orders to send us for Jihad [holy war] against the Bahraini dictator’s regime,” express sorrow and frustration.

The footage, obviously filmed in a coordinated effort by the IRGC and Iranian state media, was very clearly intended to be broadcast on Iranian media as propaganda material, both to express the Iranian regime’s support for the Bahraini uprising and to substantiate the regime’s claims to support international law.