Ghalibaf on collusion in Iran

[Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf, Tehran’s mayor and former commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), is in TV program called ‘Hot Seat’. He is asked if he has ever colluded with others.]

Host asks: Sardar [Brigadier-General], will you collude with anybody for doing something?

Ghalibaf responds: In my life, I have tried not to do this. But I have always thought that we have problems in this regard. As a manager, as a person who is involved in management and as a citizen, I think that we have 3 bad characteristics. I apologize to our dear people.

Host tells him to feel free in saying whatever he wants to.

Ghalibaf talks about the first bad characteristic: We have 3 bad characteristics that we should get rid of. We have learned not to accept the blame, and we always blame the other.

Host approves: Absolutely right.

Ghalibaf explains the second one: The other is “Taarof” [Iranian form of civility and politeness]. We do a lot of Taarof. I think it is very valuable in our personal lives and personal manners. It is a beautiful culture. But when it comes to domain of work, it is injustice to people.

Host says: Absolutely right.

Ghalibaf mentions collusion as a the third bad characteristic: But we have another bad characteristic. And that is collusion. And I think these are the three serious problems in our today’s society. And whoever can try to get rid of these three has done a great service to the government and the people.

Host follows up: Who is colluding with who? People with people?

Ghalibaf explains and suggests further clarification: Officials with officials, officials with people, people with officials. Now if you want me to, I can give you examples of this. If you are ready, we can discuss it.