Training students how to use weapons

[A typical class in Iranian schools where students are familiarized with types of weapons, how to use them, etc.]

Trainer asks: What are the cold weapons?

Students respond: Knives, machetes, bayonets, sticks.

One of the students says: Spray.

Trainer corrects him: No, they are not included in cold weapons. Batons. This (machine gun). When you use it like this, it becomes a cold weapon. Right?

Trainer starts talking about loading guns: But it is not necessary to load it again. It is like a colt. When you load it once….When you load it once and shoot, then no matter how many times you pull it again, nothing happens. Right. Am I right? No, I am not right. Then why do you all keep nodding? When you pull the charging handle and shoot, then you take your hand away. He shoots too. I am talking about a real colt, when there are bullets in it. A real colt. When it is armed and there are no bullets in it, it only shoots once. Meaning that you can pull the trigger only once.