Temporary Marriage


[A cleric interviews young people—mostly girls—asking their opinions about temporary marriage. He gives them 2 options: 1) friendship with the opposite sex, 2) temporary marriage, asking them which one they will choose, if they are free. When most of the interviewees choose the first option, the cleric asks for the reason why. Most of the interviewees explain why temporary marriage is not working in Iranian society.]

Cleric gives the options: If you are free, which one will you choose?

–Option one.

–Friendship with the opposite sex.

-Friendship with the opposite sex.

–Me too.

–Friendship with the opposite sex.

–Because it is interesting.

–Right now, this one—the first one—is better in our society.

Cleric points out to the fact that first option is against sharia: How about its being accepted by Sharia?

–This option [temporary marriage], in my opinion, does not look good.

–In temporary marriage, there are expectations, which do not exist in the first option.

–In friendship with the opposite sex, I can certain control over the situation and limitations.

–The friendship that I see in our society will not have a good ending.

Cleric says people’s different intentions in becoming friends: Intentions are different in friendship.

–If it is with good intention. I am talking about myself, my own personality. I have nothing to do with others.

Cleric asks: What about the other’s intention?

–If they are just friends, act as friends, study together, but that is not going to happen most of the time.

Cleric jokingly says: She asks if I am a real cleric, or just wore this clothes for the interview.

One of the interviewees explains the difficulties in temporary marriage: Temporary marriage has certain conditions, which many of our girls cannot accept. That is why they prefer friendship with the opposite sex.

–Many would not agree with temporary marriage. The father [of the girl] should agree.

Cleric again points out to first option’s being against sharia: How about its being accepted by Sharia?

The interviewee jokingly asks for God’s forgiveness: As for that, may God forgive us!

Cleric replies: Meaning that God will forgive you!

–By God, marriage is difficult.

Cleric concludes: Meaning that perfect conditions for this [temporary marriage]—something accepted by Sharia, and loved by God and prophet –do not exist.


Cleric shows his dissatisfaction with option one: Then unfortunately we have only option one.