Hassan Abbasi: U.S. was behind September 11


[Hassan Abbasi is an Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps officer and head of think-tank “Center for Borderless Security Doctrinal Analysis.” He is also a political strategist and conspiracy theorist. Here Abbasi is offering his conspiracy theory about September 11, while portraying an image of the western world and the U.S. collapsing.]

Hassan Abbasi talks about how the west destroyed the twin towers and put the blame on Muslims: What can run the future of the world is Islam. And they are tarnishing the face of Islam in the name of terrorism. 13 years ago, on a day like this (you know that tomorrow is the anniversary of September 11), it was claimed that Al-Qaeda destroyed twin towers in New York.

He mentions an American who made a movie in this regard: But the truth is that after 11 years, it became clear2 years ago that Americans did it themselves. Mr. Art Olivier, one of the U.S. officials, made this clear with his documents. 2 years ago, he made a film in this regard. And as he couldn’t show this in the U.S., he brought it to Iran last year. Mr. Art Olivier. This tragedy that they had to ruin the twin towers in New York.

Hassan Abbasi claims that Americans had to destroy the twin towers in New York: Since they [twin towers] had technical problems from engineering point of view, they destroyed them. They exploded them on some pretext, and created the story of airplanes. Then they put it on Islamic world, and consequently came to Afghanistan.

Abbasi says the U.S. is plotting to come to world of Islam again: The same thing is happening 13 years later. On pretext of ISIL, they are preparing a contract. And the other day, the U.S. announced that 40 countries will enter the world of Islam to fight terrorism again. This is a conspiracy, as I said before. Last time they used Al-Qaeda as an excuse, while it was not Al-Qaeda’s doing. Americans themselves publish the documents, saying that Americans did it themselves. And 13 years later, unfortunately we are going down the same path.

Hassan Abbasi talks about collapse of capitalism: My last point is that great clerics of Islamic world must pay attention that U.S. and world economy has collapsed. IMF and World Bank have announced that $52 trillion is the world economy’s debt today. 52 thousand billion dollars! Where in the world economy is such a number, given that the world economy has collapsed? As Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel laureate, says in his recent famous book called Free Fall, this is not U.S. economy or European economy which has collapsed, but it is the science of economy which has collapsed. Capitalism means economy. And when modern economy and liberal economy collapses, what else does the modernity and the west has to say in the world?

Abbasi quotes American strategist about Islam and future of the world: that the Today, they say that if Islamic world can offer a livelihood model for mankind based on Islamic economy, mankind will be saved. Otherwise, these is no other way for saving mankind. What I am saying is Mr. Richard Watson’s viewpoint. If you go to Mr. Richard Watson’s website, this American strategist and futurist has proposed plans for 2050. He says that debt and collapse will continue until 2050, and there is only one cure. What he says is “Islamic finance” –Islamic financial system. If Islamic financial system comes, capitalism will be removed and can be replaced with that system, saving mankind.