Supreme leader’s narrative about Qasem Suleimani’s impact in Iraq

[In his meeting with state poets, Khamenei is explaining the role poetry can play in retelling the story of Iran-Iraq war, and clarifying what happened. He also talks of Suleimani’s impact on an Iraqi doctor who had lost two of her brothers in the war. He gives his own narrative of how war began.]

 Khamenei explains how Iraqis are not aware of facts of war: “What happened in the 8-year war between Iran and Iraq? What happened? They don’t know.”

He gives the example of an Iraqi doctor’s perception towards Iran after the war: “That Iraqi female doctor had told one of our friends that ‘during my first and second trips to Iran after Sadam was gone, any Iranian I saw, I thought he was the one who had killed my 2 brothers. That is how I looked at them, and I had hatred towards them.’ And then, of course, she had continued, ‘until I saw [Qasem] Suleimani. When I saw how Suleimani is making sacrifices, everything changed.’”

Emphasizing on Iraqis’ not knowing the facts of war, Khamenei continues: “Well, I did not have this last part in mind, but the first part. An Iraqi youth, an Iraqi woman, an Iraqi mother, they don’t know what happened. They don’t know what happened. We were sitting at our homes. They came and bombed us. What should we have done? Should we have defended ourselves? They crossed our borders, they took thousands of kilometers from our borders. What should we have done? Should we have allowed them to advance, or defended ourselves? That is what we did. That is the truth. Why shouldn’t this truth be clarified for Iraqi youth, Iraqi mother, Iraqi orphans, Iraqi sister?”

His advice for poets: “Why shouldn’t this become clear for others? These are the things that can happen in the language of poetry.”