Iranian historian claims Sinbad was Iranian sailor who traveled to Americas before Columbus

This historic map has an interesting explanation, which suggests that a Chinese man was the first foreign traveler to travel to the continental Americas. Rowan Gavin Paton Menzies, an oceanographer and former commander of the British naval forces, is one of the co-authors of a book, which proves that a Chinese Muslim sailor named Zanki, who at the time, traveled to America 70 years before Christopher Colombus.

Meanwhile, Dr. Hamid Shafi’zadeh who has often traveled to America and Australia based on his collected documentation believes that Zanki was named Muhammad or Mahmoud Shams, and was of Iranian origin and Muslim as well.

Shafi’zadeh says Zanki’s surname is pronounced ‘Shams’, and that his father’s name was Taki and his grandfather’s name was Khoramdin, meaning that he did indeed have a Farsi name.

According to this historian, the sailor ‘Sinbad’ mentioned in legends is indeed that same Iranian Mahmoud Shams. Dr. Shafi’zadeh has gathered more than a thousand items of evidence in a book entitled ‘The Presence of Muslims and Iranians in the Continent of America before Christopher Colombus’.

He says,  “We believe that Iranians, even 300 years ago,  were in contact with America via east Asia, and we have proof of our claim. At present, there are ethnic groups in America who strongly resemble Iranians in garments, appearance, traditions, costumes and language.

I have very old photos showing that the ruins there has architectural affinity [to Iran’s]. But more interesting than this, in Colombia in Sierra Nevada de Mérida  mountain there are a group of people living there who are exactly similar to our Iranian nomadic Bakhtiari tribes, which together share the same similar costumes, including felt hats,  clothing,  as well as traditions and outfits, plus they are both nomadic seasonal tribes.

The narrator: I asked Dr. Hamid Shafi’zadeh the real reason that this historical document had been kept  hidden and secret.

Shafi’zadeh replied: You could not enslave a nation unless you have already exploited and stolen its history beforehand.

The narrator: It seems to correct this historical issue accepted by many historians in the world, and requires appropriate action to be taken by Iranian historians and researchers.