Baluchi Students Deprived of Basic Necessities of Education in School without Desks and Chairs

The name of this so-called school is Shaheed Sheerodi in Koshkoon Village of Sarbaz County in Sistan and Baluchistan Province in Iran. The school has only one room and unfortunately due to lack of educational space this room is used both as teacher ‘office as well as a classroom for students. However, this classroom is improper one as the elementary school students have to sit on the ground without desks and benches

Reporter:  Excuse me, are the children and you must be in here all the time

Teacher: not all the time. We have another classroom, we have two groups of students.  And we use it when we want to teach the student mathematics because it has few tools, for example, it has a blackboard. Moreover, due to overcrowding of the classroom, I bring the students in here, it is a quite place so that we can teach them the teaching material much better and effectively.

Reporter:  Guys are you comfortable seating in here on the ground? Are you comfortable seating on benches or on the ground?

Students: on the bench.

Reporter:  Yes of course, on the bench you are much comfortable. Yes, I do agree with you guys, on the bench, you can easily write by your pen. Here on the ground, you cannot write. Also, here you do not have a blackboard to write on it?