Zarif: U.S. not fulfilling its promises prepares ground for returning to pre-JCPOA

FM Mohammad Javad Zarif talks about the delegation overseeing implementation of JCPOA: By the order that the supreme leader gave in his letter confirming JCPOA, a supervisory delegation is formed to oversee JCPOA. In cases wherein Foreign Ministry or other organizations, we feel that JCPOA is violated, we report it to that delegation. That delegation will review the case to see what is the proper response.

Zarif says Iran is ready to walk out of the nuclear deal if necessary: In the beginning, the supreme leader and Iran’s president took the necessary measure to prepare the grounds, especially in domain of nuclear energy, so that if we one day decide that JCPOA is not justifiable any longer, that day we can return not just to the past, but to [conditions] stronger than the past.

He explains why Iran is stronger than before: As you can see, a couple of months ago, we could make the most advanced centrifuges operative in the country, which at the time of ratification of JCPOA was just an idea, thanks to our nuclear scientists’ efforts. And today we can do enrichment with centrifuges, if necessary, that can approximately produce 20 times more than the ones installed before. Therefore, we are not worried in this regard, because we are ready.

Zarif states why Iran is still following JCPOA: In our opinion, despite U.S. unfulfilling its promises, benefits of following, continuing and fully implementing JCPOA for the Islamic Republic are justifiable and it can be followed. And that is why the Islamic Republic, just as the supreme leader said, will always keep its promises, and will not fail in fulfilling them. But if the U.S. decides to break its promises to the level where continuing JCPOA is not to the advantage of the country or our national interests, we are ready to return the conditions of the past, or, as I mentioned before, even stronger than the past.