Iran’s Intelligence Minister defends dual national managers

[Mahmoud Alavi is an Iranian cleric, politician and Intelligence Minister in Hassan Rouhani’s government.]

Mahmoud Alavi, Defense Minister, criticizes those who think that anyone with dual nationality is a spy and traitor: “I wanted to say that sometimes they talk about dual national managers as if anyone whoever has dual nationality is a traitor, a spy, or a foreign agent.”

Then he goes on and explains that many of these people with dual nationality are assets for the regime: “They are an asset for Iran. There are many people in Canada, in London, in the U.S. They are [loyal] to [Iranian] revolution, to the supreme leader. They are velayat-oriented, pious people. They have Komeil prayer ceremony and hold religious programs. They are in love with [Iranian] revolution. They are a free lobby for Iran—without any expenses.”

At the end, he says dual nationals should be treated in a better way: “And then is it right if we treat them in certain ways and call them certain names so that they lose hope towards their homeland? And become desperate? That is not right to take away these assets from [Iran’s] regime. It is not desirable. Therefore, we should bring up this issue in such a way that we don’t lose these capitals.”