Foreign tourism in Ahwaz thwarted by Iranian regime incompetence

TV Reporter of Evening News of Channel 3 says, “The indifference of Iranian regime authorities has led to some of the foreign tourists who the regime is supposedly keen to attract to the country being stranded at Ahwaz Airport. With the Ahwaz region, known as Khuzestan in Farsi, housing three globally recognized historic sites, many tourists are keen to visit these important landmarks; their plans were thwarted, however, by the regime’s failure to make the proper visa arrangements for the tourists, which led to a number of the holidaymakers being stranded at the regional airport before having to return home rather than enjoying their planned vacation.”

Tahmasbi, a tourism expert indicates, “Although the Iranian regime concluded agreements with many countries on issuing visas for foreign tourists, the tourists themselves did not realize when they were planning their trips and Googling the sights in Iran they wanted to visit that Ahwaz Airport has no facilities for issuing them with visas, leaving them with no option but to take a return flight home. This has led to negative opinions of the province and the airport among would-be tourists, although it is the incompetence of the regime itself, which has led to this situation.”

TV Reporter asserts, “The tourism sector being one of the most profitable potential generators of income, this is money that the already economically deprived region can ill afford to lose, with many locals frustrated at this ineptitude on the regime’s part