Commander of Popular Resistance Headquarters in Khoramshahr (Muhammarah city) weeps when talking about people’s poverty


MOHAMMAD REZA ABBASSI: What have we made of these pious, prosperous people(Ahwazi Arabs); these brave border guards? A bunch of hungry people! The mayor of Minoo Island says out of every 20 families, 8 is covered by State Welfare Organization and [Imam Khomeini] Relief Foundation. And the rest of people are not covered, because these two foundations cannot afford it.


There are people living in that place who have only one piece of clothing for their two daughters to wear to school. The second daughter waits for the first one to return home from school. Then she wears her sister’s clothes, wears her shoes and takes her backpack and goes to school. Who is to be held accountable for this affliction?


In the city of Shalamche, where more than 5 great, glorious operations were carried out, a father has not enough money. He does not have 50 tomans to give to her daughter to go to high school by minibus, and another 50 tomans for her to return home. As he does not have a few tomans, his daughter is deprived of education.


During the last holy month of Ramazan, we decided to provide students with a very ordinary meal of kabob and rice. What I’m telling you is a true story by someone who has directly witnessed it. One of the students ate one skewer of kabob kubideh [grilled minced meat], and put the other skewer of kabob in her pocket.


When asked why did you put kabob in your pocket, she answered that it was for her sister who had never eaten kabob before.

TV Host: And 800 billion tomans money has been spent there.

MOHAMMAD REZA ABBASSI: I told Dr. Elham this story.


Dr. Elham cried his eyes out. I told him: Dr. Elham, we have enough people to cry! People want jobs. People have waited for 25 years despite all the despair they were driven to. For 25 years, people who were capable of working were raised as parasites. For 25 years, they deprived people of work, education and acquiring skills