Mehdi Khazali on prostitution in Iran

Mehdi Khazali tells, “And the cheapest prostitution… My cellmate… The cheapest prostitution, even cheaper than Cuba, cheaper than Thailand, is common in our Tehran and our Mashhad. My cellmate was an Iraqi peddler. He came from Iraq. He was my cellmate. They had brought him as a spy. He had repented. He said in this very Tehran, close to Tehran Bazar, for 30,000 Tomans—i.e. for 8 dollars—a Tehrani girl would sleep with an Iraqi peddler.”


He continues, “He said if we want to do it in Iraq, we should pay 100 dollars. Here are just 8 dollars. It is cheap, so we come here. I lowered my head. I said don’t be wrong. Once Reza Shah went to Istanbul. When Kemal Ataturk brought a girl for him, he did not accept it. They asked why. He said when he comes to Iran, then I should give an Iranian girl—my honor—to him.”