Halabcheh City


The commentator says, “TV group from Zanjan Center also joined us, and together we moved towards the city of Halabcheh. Entering the city that we had seen from the top of the field under the fire needs trust in God, and a heart acquainted with death. It needs certainty.”


He tells, “He Adventurous recklessness might take you to adventures, but staying, staying long and resisting is not possible except through trust in God and certainty in the resurrection. The first division that entered the city were from Badr Corps, who are from Iraq so that the world knows beforehand that we are not after the territorial conquest. And don’t they know that? Devils have mixed up all concepts so that no one can find the truth.”


He adds, “But we believe in mankind’s divine nature, and we know that our persistence on right and justice will eventually illuminate everything.”