Khamenei’s belief

Iranian Leader [Ali Khamenei] says, “Believing that if we resist, we will defeat the enemy is ultimately and undoubtedly a cultural value. It is a cultural fortune.”


The Commentator then says, “Yes. And many brigadier-generals and nationality-oriented brothers made a lot of fortune by relying on this “fortune”. But with this belief, we continued the war [between Iran and Iraq] after liberating Khorramshahr for 6 more years, because of which hundreds of thousand Iranians were killed.”


He adds, “And in general, we have put the country under war or semi-war conditions for 38 years. “Resistance until defeating the enemy!” And, interestingly enough, it has been 38 years that we are being defeated by the enemy! Incidentally, the day after these remarks, Iran’s elected president implicitly mentioned the damages that such resistance has imposed on people and the country.”


Rouhani tells, “We had to sell our oil to certain countries due to sanctions. certain quota was determined for selling our oil. And we had to receive the oil money under certain conditions.


The Commentator then says, “By “certain conditions”, he means the same conditions in which Babak Zanjani and his partners lost $3 billion of the country’s capital. Of course, I should tell you that Babak Zanjani was only one of Basijis, devotees of the leader, who transferred Iranian people’s oil money under “certain conditions”.”


And continues, “Otherwise, there have been—and still are—more of these “certain people” who, for the time being, no one dares to mention their names.”


Rouhani then, “During sanctions, when it came to purchasing goods, merchandises, and services, we could not choose which countries to buy from.”


He adds, “We had to buy from certain, limited countries. Then the medicines that were used did not have a high standard. Medical equipment did not have a high standard. And not even the food ingredients.”


The Commentator then says, “These conditions were forced on Iranian people by Iran’s “wise” leader of the revolution and his belief in resistance.”


Ali Khamenei says, “They do not get it. They don’t understand. They have vaccinated us against sanctions for 30 years. We have become vaccinated against sanctions. And sanctions do not harm us.”


The Commentator continues, “Of course, sanctions do not harm him. He has always received his food ingredients, medicines, and medical equipment with highest standards. Low standard medicine, food ingredients and medical equipment .became the share of Iranian people who were forced to resist.”


Ali Khamenei then, “But we have something that they don’t.”


The Commentator ends, “Can you guess what it is that he has? That is cheekiness. And he is very cheeky. In general, no human being can be as cheeky as him.”