Today Iran’s missile capability is not even comparable to last year

Bagheri says in a session, “Today, our missile power that he founded is not comparable with the time of Holy Defense [Iran-Iraq War], it is not even comparable with the last year. It is moving so fast that all the world of Kufr [heathen] have gathered together to design anti-missile systems, and spend billions of dollars on it, give it big names, and carry out several hundred million dollar drills. But they have not been able to defeat the speed, power, accuracy, comprehensiveness of our missiles.”

He continues, “We thank God that with the support of our commander-in-chief [Khamenei], our missile capability has reached to a level that our enemies cannot decide to invade us.”

He also says, “A lunatic is the prime minister of a fabricated regime [Israel]. They say that several times, he has made up his mind [to attack Iran], but at the last minute that he wanted to order the invasion of Iran, he has been consulted that ‘the end of this war is not in your hand, and will not have good consequences for your wavering government.’ That is right. The war that starts against the Islamic Republic, will not have its end in sight. It will finish when the enemies admit their own humiliating defeat.”