Expired Chicken


The camera operator says, “Hello. This is Hyper Star Chain Store. And this is Ostad Moeen Branch in Azadi Avenue. What I want to say is that they are selling expired chickens to people. Today is 11 February 2017. The chickens we have put up a front all expire on 11 February 2017. But when a customer buys the chicken, we bring it here. We have been ordered to change it with the chicken from February 9.”


“And all you see here belong to February 8 (February 8, 2017). And today is 11 February 2017. Here is full of stinking odor. All these chickens stink. They are slaughtered daily. They belong to 3 days ago. All these should have been dumped yesterday. But we were told to bring them here and wash them so that their stinking smell goes away.”


He adds, “Then we were told to put them in packages and give them to people with 10% discount. Even when the customer wants to buy from those chickens which expire on February 11, we are told to bring them here and change them with these chickens. All these chickens expire on February 9.”


He tells, “As you see all these chickens expire on February 9. We should change all these [chickens] with those [chickens]. And if we don’t, they said you will be fired. Now I have let the water run on it so that its odor goes away. Right now, it smells terrible. Now here is Hyper Star which gives a discount. ”


Then he continues, “When I objected to this and said I won’t do it, our supervisor told me that “you either do this or goodbye.” What would you do if you were me? I want you to see this clip so that you make Hyper Star stop doing these things.”