Iran, where you could be shot on roads

The student in this clip says, “I’m Saman Shahnavazi, a student of bachelor’s degree program in building technology engineering at Azad University. My 4 cousins and I had dinner in our grandma’s home and then went for a spin in the city.”


He continues, “We usually go for a spin towards Iranshahr or Zahedan highway. This time they said let’s go to Iranshahr road.”


The Interviewer asks, “Why did you go there? For fun?”


The student answers, “Yes. We just went there for a spin. When we were driving, we saw a light in the middle of the road.”


He tells, “There was no stop sign, no police officer, nothing. When we passed the light, we got a flat tire. I told my cousin to stop to change the flat tire. As soon as we stopped, they machine-gunned us. And my cousin and I were shot in the car.”


He also says, “I got three bullets– two in my hands and one in my neck. My cousin got one in the leg.”


The interviewer asks, “How long did the shooting last?”


The student answers, “Around 30 to 45 minutes they were shooting at us. No matter how many times I said we are just individuals, we are innocent, they wouldn’t stop.”


The interviewer also asks, “Didn’t they stop you at first?”


The student answers, “No, they did not.”