Filtering Facebook

The speaker says, “The government must unfilter Facebook, and must remove filtering from Facebook. 15% of Facebook is useless for our country, and 85% [of Facebook] is useful and manageable.”

He asks then, “Do you know what it means to remove the filter? Do you know? It means that we open the door of the culture to enemies of Prophet [of Islam]. How can you have Resistance Culture with removing filtering from Facebook– with the rush of all the abnormalities, thoughts, doubts, insults against the Prophets and Imams, with all those harsh treatments of religion, religious principles, and religious convictions on the youth?”


He adds, “Did they give you a vote of confidence to come and remove filters from Facebook? And Facebook! It is like saying that I have a glass of Sekanjabin [a kind of Iranian soft drink] in my hand, and tell you that 98% of this glass is sugar, vinegar, and refreshing sherbet.”


He also tells, “But only 2% of it has 2 drops of strychnine. 2 drops of poison. Now take it and drink it. Opening the door of culture to God’s enemies? Is this how you respond to the leader’s demand? That you, our pious brother, want to remove filtering from Facebook?”