Public express anger in interviews about Rouhani’s broken promises

A report by Fars News Agency


Rouhani: Happiness. We must have happiness. Soon it will be ‘Eid [Nowrooz, Iranian new year]. Let people be a little happy. We should be happy at the right time. Whether it is Nowrooz [Iranian new year], or Hazrat Fatemeh’s birth. Let people be happy for a couple of days.


–Well I think that Mr. Rouhani wants to assign government’s duty to people’s shoulder.


–He should use his key to resolving all people’s issues so that people can be happy.


–The youth go and study with love. They get a Bachelor’s degree, or a Master’s degree, or a Ph.D. But then he is unemployed. Then he comes to bazar and becomes a peddler, selling blankets and such things. Under such conditions, do you want to have a happy society?


–I am a young man with a Master’s degree. I am unemployed. And I am still looking for a job. And even if there is a carnival right here, I will not go to it to sing and dance.


Rouhani: Let our society be happy. And let our youth be happy.


–Well you tell me how. How do you want them to be happy? Is the employment condition going to be fixed in these couple of days? Will the issue of incomes be fixed?


–We don’t have a happy society. We are all starving to death. No, we are not happy. We are very sad.


–Expenses and the country’s economic conditions are terrible. Very terrible.


–Unemployment, poverty, embezzlement are our society’s problems.


–There is no happiness for me. I don’t know. They did not fulfill their promises.


–What happiness? All we talk about is that yesterday egg was 10 thousand tomans, but today it is 15 thousand tomans.


Is this what you call happiness? A couple of days ago, we bought meat at 40 thousand tomans per kilo. And today, it is 60 thousand tomans per kilo. Is this happiness?


–Happiness has many dimensions. The utmost happiness people can have is to be economically secure, when their lives are provided for.


–Economy has a significant role. It is quite obvious. One can observe the significant impacts of the economy every second.

–You can see the corruption of children of high-ranking figures in the society. Then a young man like me is short of even 5 thousand tomans. And then we see what kind of huge money is given and taken in large scale. Then what happened?


Rouhani: You should know that without people’s hope and people’s happiness, there will be no future, nor people’s health.


–Let me ask you. In these past few days, in recent month, how did you want to keep people happy? Unless you give them a lot of money. Then mothers and fathers don’t have to be ashamed of their children, and they can go shopping. Isn’t it true?


–When somebody comes and says you can live with 270 thousand tomans in this country, can you really live with that amount of money?


–Mr. President himself knows well that people are unhappy. They have grievances. They are not happy.


–Aren’t the officials really living in this country? or are they always provided for?


–I voted for him myself. But unfortunately, Mr. Rouhani was not successful in doing what needs to be done.


–Unfortunately, those who are in charge do not address the issues based on principles that are needed in the society, and people’s daily lives are based on them.


Rouhani: Let people be happy a little.


–If I am not mistaken, it is the government that is in charge of happiness.


–Organizations are related. But down the road, everything ends up with the government, politicians, policy makers who decide large scale plans of the establishment.


–Economic variable, political variables, and particularly family and social variables are involved in the happiness of the society.


–It includes all these issues. But he himself is bound to implement these issues. Because we basically vote that for a president to address all these issues and problems that are people’s rights according to the constitution. It is his duty.


Those who are in charge, those officials who received huge salaries– and still nothing has been done about it–those who received those huge salaries, they are the happy ones. As for us who receive retirement salary of 800 thousand tomans, this is our happiness on new years’ eve.