Disabled Iranian bemoans regime’s lies over housing


The patient man says, “Hi there. Firstly, please accept my apology for laying on the bed because I am disabled in my cervical spinal area.”

He continues, “Four years ago, I registered with the Mehr housing institution to receive a house and I have paid 36 million Tomans as a deposit to this institution. Since then, however, I have not received anything, only empty promises that the house will be handed over to me ‘this year’ or ‘next year’. I am asking the concerned officials when will be finally I granted the house?

He tells, “Because I am disabled, I could not walk on my feet to follow up on my housing issue and my problems.  The Mehr housing institution has not called me so far nor allowed me to choose my housing unit and when I call them, they will not give me a clear answer. For the love of God, I am pleading with you, Mr. President [Hassan Rouhani], pay attention, resolve our problems, and do not give us fake, empty promises. Thank you.