Brigadier-General Saeed Ghassemi on Faezeh Hashemi Rafsanjani

Saeed Ghassemi: Your loutish way of talking! It is inappropriate for a girl to talk loutish. To talk like a low-life. It is inappropriate! We grew up in this damned Tehran, and we know what it means when a girl talks loutish. These are inappropriate. We should reform these things. Children of Amir Kabir [nickname for Hashemi Rafsanjani] talks like louts! That is not right. His son talks like louts. That is not right to get two PhDs in Evin Prison. Elites and geniuses as they are! It is not clear whether they are on leave from Evin to go home, or on leave from home to go to Evin!


He adds, “I should say it here. This is the right place to say it. Again and again, it has been said why I did not shave my beard. You know, I had sworn to shave my beard if they put this girl [Faezeh Hashemi] in jail. It is well-known, and everyone has referred to it. This happened and I decided to shave my beard.”


Ghassemi continues, “Then I suddenly saw what the verdict of judiciary system for this sedition is. The person who had disrespected the highest figure [Khamenei] in the regime, had challenged the regime and was the leader of the coup… one of the leaders of the coup against the regime. What should her sentence be, in your opinion? I have asked this question in different societies. In different speeches, in Rasht, In Bushehr, in Mashhad, I asked all the people.” Well, what is the sentence for such a thing all over the world?


The TV Host says, “If we consider the issue of “corruption on earth,” then it will be the death penalty.”


Saeed Ghassemi states, “Our dear friend in that event that took place in Shah Abdul Azim [in which Faezeh Hashemi was harassed by a Basiji]. He insulted her and used offensive words. He then admitted that he had been carried away.”


And adds, “I have said it somewhere that if I had been there if I had been present at that scene and she had disrespected Agha [Khamenei], I would have strangled her with my own hands. And then I would have accepted its consequences. But I would have killed her there and then. I wouldn’t have used foul language. But I would have killed her. I officially announce it here.”


He questions, “Do you know what sentence the judiciary system gave to our friend? The media does not deal with this issue. Dismissal from the job, 80 lashes, 9 months of imprisonment, with 3 months in solitary. And for this girl who was a putschist, 02:58 and used offensive language against the leader…and by the way, they are still using offensive words against Agha [Khamenei], because, according to the information that we have, they just talk like that in their family…”


The TV Host interrupts, “Its audio file is released…”

Saeed Ghassemi responds, “Yes, they exist. What sentence did the judiciary system give her?”


Host adds, “6 months…”


Ghassemi then says, “That’s right. I put it shortly. Only for paying my respect to Ayatollah Larijani,”


Amoli Larijani. Well, Thank you! I cut it short as much as 6 months!