Khomeinists launched brutal crackdown following ’79 revolution, massacred thousands

TV HOST: There is a very shocking part in your book. With your permission, I will read it. You have written that while in prison, one of the leftist prisoners told you: “If we win, we will kill you all; and if you win, you will kill us all.” In reply, you told him: “If we win, we will not kill you; and if you win, I advise you not to do so.”

MOUSAVI-BOJNOURDI: This was a young man. He was a naïve man. It was obvious that he was very naïve. We were discussing when he said that. I told him not to say those words, it is no good. Neither are we going to execute you, nor should you do that?

TV HOST: Was he very naïve, Mr. Bojnourdi?

MOUSAVI-BOJNOURDI: Yes, he was very young.

TV HOST: But despite his naiveté, he was right. You won and you killed them.

MOUSAVI-BOJNOURDI: But I was not happy about it.

TV HOST: But he didn’t mean you in person.

MOUSAVI-BOJNOURDI: I was honest about what I said.