An Iranian cleric says the foundation of Israel was based on human rights


Ayatollah Haeri Shirazi says that the foundation of Israel was based on human rights and claims to have witnessed that Jews were bullied and their belongings looted in his town (Shiraz).

An Iranian cleric by the name of Ayatollah Haeri Shirazi, speaking on the Iranian regime’s official TV program, spoke about Israel and approved of the establishment of the Jewish State at the expense of the Palestinian people.


He stated that Israel’s foundation was based on the principles of human rights. He added that the countries of the world observed that they (the Jews) had no home and that they were scattered across the world, and did not have a state.

Everywhere they lived, gangsters would raid them, exploiting and looting their possessions and their properties, harassing and hurting them. He commented that many crimes have been committed against Jews, for example in Germany and in other countries.

He qualified by adding that while the Jews might be overstating and amplifying the oppression  inflicted upon them, their stories of oppression were essentially true.

I have witnessed it with my own eyes, people perpetrate oppression and injustices against them (Jewish people); they were subjected to such injustices in our city (Shiraz) as well.

Despite all the oppression they suffered, Muslim scholars criticized their existence and (their established state, rejecting its right to exist).

Rumors are circulated against them, for example, lies were told that they had captured a child (Palestinian) and that they spilled and sucked his blood, and under the pretext of such stories, a bunch of gangsters stormed their neighborhoods and looted them.

This is a fact that I am reporting. This is the oppression they suffered. God stands with righteousness. God did not wish this injustice to happen against them. They are human beings. So give them a chance to live.