Phone expert: Iranian regime using monitoring devices in mobile phone battery labels

Hello. I’m going to open this mobile phone to see  if  it’s true,   based on a recently circulated clip which warned that  mobile phone batteries can be used for eavesdropping and spying on  conversations, [that this] can be done or not, and to prove  whether such a claim is true or a lie

This is a Galaxy S3 with a new battery.  Now, let’s remove this label stuck to the battery to see if it could be monitored.

Yes; as you see under this covering label, there is another label that is connected to the battery.  Dear friends, look carefully since this battery certainly is subjected to eavesdropping.

It is hard to remove this label from the battery. Please circulate this clip to everyone to raise awareness. Take off the labels stuck to the battery – [doing so] does not damage the battery at all – and remove this black label that eavesdrops on your conversations and records and snoops on and steals all your internet data. Please cut it off.  Look how this label is connected to the battery; you must take it off and cut it up. Everyone must be notified; this clip has been proved to be true. This is very serious and this important message should be spread to everyone.  Thank you