Dissolution of Iranian Regime, high possibility!


Sadegh Zibakalam is an Iranian academic, author and pundit described as reformist and neo-liberal. A graduate of the University of Bradford, he is a professor at University of Tehran.

On the state channel he said “I do not know if we could mention these issues or not. When the Islamic revolution of Iran occurred on February 11, 1979, there was only one group that had a dispute with the Islamic republic and this group was Kurdish minority that was opposed to the revolution.

Today it is not only about the Kurds (who are opposed to revolution), today it is about the Kurds, Turkish Azerbaijanis, Sunni people, Baluchis, Ahwazi Arab people.

What you want to do with these peoples? That’s why I say we must hold firm to the Islamic Republic because if this Islamic Republic regime is overthrown then it is not clear that a country of Iran with the name as we know it will remain. Wrong policies we adopted led to all of (these people) to get away from us.