Mahdi Khazali questions Hashemi Rafsanjani’s suspicious death

Khazali says, “…it is very important that he be present. Of course, Dr. [Sholeh Sadi] is here. Well, as you saw, Hashemi was very experienced in swimming and interested in water sports. And it was the only exercise he used to do. And unlike those hypocrites…once in Payam Swimming Pool which belongs to Telecommunication [Organization], I saw one of the reformist figures, who was a cleric. He was sitting in Jacuzzi. I was about to sit in Jacuzzi. When he saw that it was bad for him to be in swimming pool in front of me, he said, “my doctor has told me to come to the pool.” And I said to him, “if the doctor had not told you, didn’t you know that you have to exercise? Do you think a doctor should tell us that exercise is necessary for the body?””


He adds, “But Hashemi used to say it freely. Two days a week. Thursdays were fixed. Sundays or Mondays were interchangeable. When he finished his work at his office, he used to go, not to Sa’d Abad Complex as they have written, but to a small restricted building right across there, which is in possession of Expediency Discernment Council. Some meetings were held there.”


He also says, “There was a swimming pool, where he used to go alone, more like a bathhouse. He used to swim there as an exercise twice a week. Of course, with a complete security team, meaning that the second person of the country most certainly had a good, complete security team so that he would not be attacked. Just as previously he was the target of an assassination attempt.”


Khazali continues, “That day…here I want to say if this death is suspicious or not. The first narrative that we all heard was that Hashemi had been at his home when he had a heart attack. And he had been then transferred to the hospital, and after an hour and a half, doctors’ efforts were not fruitful and he passed away. This was the first story. The very story was contradictory. And when there is a contradiction, everything is under question.”


He adds, “The second story belonged to Gholamali Rajaee who is one of our guests today and is on his way to here. He said that on his way from office to his home, he [Hashemi] had a heart attack and was taken to the hospital. And the same story is repeated.”


He states, “Later a story was broadcast by foreign media: No, at the night of Amir Kabir’s martyrdom and at the same place—bathhouse there, swimming pool here—he was killed with lungs filled with water. And doctors said, “yes, his lungs were filled with water at the hospital, and constantly water was discharged from them.” Suddenly the scenario changed. OK. See when the grandmother of anyone of us dies, all the children tell exact stories, …it was the second prostration of the second prayer…they can even tell you in which ‘rakat’ [it took place]. What happened that he had a heart attack? Such a big figure is dead and no one knows the details. [For example] Mahdavi Kani goes to the hospital, all cameras zoom in on Bahman Hospital. Back there, they are saying Tawassul prayer…it is a huge thing… well, you have all seen its films. There is not even a single photo from Hashemi Rafsanjani’s hospital out!”


And continues, “No story is out! He was with his security team, who were from IRGC. Not even one of them has said what happened to Hashemi at that time. Not one of them has said, I saw him fall, saw him collapse, saw him faint… but please…When something happens to an anonymous person, a simple worker, all his co-workers one by one say this is how it happened…he was at the machinery… his hand was such and such…but no news about Hashemi. Nothing from his bodyguards who were in charge of protecting his life and he was under their protection. And he was killed in a building which belongs to Expediency Discernment Council.”


Khazali then says, “No news is out from any of bodyguards! Isn’t it our right to know? You, Bodyguard, come forward and tell us! 8 bodyguards, 8 narratives. So, that I can see if there are any contradictions in what you say. Not even one message is out! Shouldn’t we worry about our dear one who was at your hand? No information! People are not trusted. Why? Well, now they say it was after half an hour, when Hashemi was found in the water. It is a disaster. Such a person and you realized half an hour later and took him quickly [to the hospital]? Bodyguards [well they haven’t told you] say that in 4 minutes we took him to Shohda Hospital in Tajrish. Dead. With no signs. Not even one of these doctors came in front of the camera to say what he saw.”


Khazali ends with questions, “Why don’t they dare to talk? Hashemi entered a big government hospital. They say that there were 8 doctors overseeing him. Exactly 20 nurses were in ER. And not even one of them dares to give an interview. Second question: Why? Has there been any foul play?”