Disclosure of Omid Dadvar, former fireman, about fire in Plasco building, and his message to Khamenei and Ghalibaf


I’m Omid Davar, the former employee of Tehran Fire Department and Safety Services. I have worked in this organization since I was 18.

Fire fighters said do not send anyone up here. We’re stuck here and cannot come down, help us! But because of the stupid Supreme Leader’s office [beyt-e rahabari] over which no flight is allowed, all those poor young men were trapped under the debris. They were all coming out of the walls. And Mr. Safizadeh was left under debris.


Mr. Safizadeh was the head of a station [who died] due to incapability of Peyman Nikbakht and Davari, a CEO who didn’t know anything even about a nozzle or a fire pipe, but became the director of the fire department because of his long beard!


He became the director of an organization which provides safety for a country, but it’s not important. What is important is that he has a beard, and he stinks, and when he puts his socks off, its rosewater smell fills the whole organization! They all plundered everything. They didn’t pay employees’ overtime, and would work with the money for 2-3 months, buying and selling girders to reap benefits [for themselves]. Afterwards, they would pay the employees’ salaries. Mr Teymouri, how many water pipes did you buy and how much benefit did you reap from it?


This guy, Peyman Nikbakht, was my father’s coworker. My father was a fire fighter too. A building with 610 units and 17 floors needs at least 80 firefighters. You send 40 to one side, 10 to its east part and irrigate the building. On the other side, you overwater the building with stoker and monitor. From this side, you send fire fighters to the building to do what? You send them to their deaths.


You think that like others, I’m not well informed. Which gasoline reservoir was exploded? Mr. Peyman Nikbakht! Which gasoline reservoir can explode? Since when does a gasoline reservoir explode? Gasoline can neither gush out nor evaporates quickly. It doesn’t contain much gas either. Gasoline is so heavy and its ignition point is so high that it has no explosion point. Since when gasoline has found an explosion point?


If gasoline had an explosion point, those irons should have melted before. Why do you lie to people? You just overwatered the place. Your incapability, stupidity of Peyman Nikbakht, Davari and that idiot CEO sent all the firefighters to their death. Peyman Nikbakht, tell people how firefighters would be reprimanded if they refused to go up [the building]. Tell people how Mr. Safizadeh said via his wireless: do not send the crew up here, the building is collapsing.


And yet you sent firefighters up the building. Did you see how many firefighters were coming down the walls? Why? Because this building, all its floors, all its stairs were damaged 20 years ago. The firefighters talked via their wireless. I heard their voices saying: do not send any more crews, we’re stuck up here, we can no longer come down, help us!


Yet only because of that stupid house of Supreme Leader which is a no-fly zone, all those poor young people were left under debris. They were all coming down the walls. That idiot CEO and Ghalibaf were talking as if they were grazing their goats and sheep. One asked from the other: don’t you know where your forces are? And the other said: yes. Yes what dude? Davari, the CEO of fire department, acts like a shepherd.


And Ghalibaf… these are the people who sent our young people to death. This young man, Reza Shafie, was supposed to get married in two months. Poor guy. How can you send firefighters to a building you know is collapsing? You see its glasses are exploding and yet you send the crew inside it? You were sent to England to get a training course [on rescue]. What a waste of money! It’d be better if you had grazed cows and sheep!


You took all courses there and then returned to your country to send all these young people to their death. These people who went to put out the fire today, who went into the heart of fire, will soon deal with a fire which has entangled my country. Peyman Nikbakht, Davari, Ghalibaf, Seyed Ali Khamenei! These people who went to the heart of fire today will come after you one day. We will put you out one day. Know that you will pay for what you did in Plasco building! You will be accountable.