Senior Iranian regime cleric Ahmad Khatami slams Hashemi Rafsanjani after his death

Ahmad Khatami says, “I do believe that we have multiple Rafsanjani.  We must divide these Rafsanjani’s so that we can we reach a fair judgment.”

He adds, “First: Hashemi before the revolution: Hashemi before the revolution was a clear presence in the struggle. His resistance is unforgettable. The second Hashemi is after the revolution; [this is] the Hashemi who was along with Imam Khomeini. Hashemi’s services in this area are also unforgettable. As a powerful arm of Imam Khomeini in the early years of the revolution, he devoted all his life to it. The third: Hashemi who involved with those brokers (reformist leaders), this Hashemi is indefensible. This Hashemi is not approved”

He continues, “The fourth: Hashemi Rafsanjani and his stance towards his sons [actions] who views his children as sacrosanct and supports them under any circumstances. I think he damages his reputation by such support.” He also says, “The fifth Hashemi is the [real] Hashemi during his presidency, Hashemi had some strengths and some weak points.   His strengths during the presidency were bringing development; the weakness of his presidential era was the start of the “cultural invasion”.”

Khatami adds, “The sixth Hashemi is including his Presidential candidate. I think he also should not be approved especially during his second term in office, his actions followed such a path that all the negative trends and counter-Islamic revolution groups became supportive of him. He was supported by Nehzate Azadi [the ‘Freedom Movement’]. He was supported by Jebhe Melli [the ‘National Front’].  And I believe    the propaganda film that was made for him should be considered a final bullet to Mr.  Hashemi’s reputation.”

He ends, “As for the seventh Hashemi which followed after the seditionary period, I do not have any willingness to hide my opinion and I speak sincerely when I say that I believe that Mr. Mousavi, Mr. Karroubi, and Mr. Khatami were nothing without Mr. Hashemi as their pillar.  If this pillar [Hashemi] is removed from them, then I do believe that it would be possible to very quickly confront the sedition triggered by those men.”

Additional Information

“Sedition” is a term used by Iranian regime hardliners when referring to the widespread popular demonstrations [known as the ‘Green Movement’] against the 2009 presidential election results in which millions of people took to the country’s streets to protest against what they said were rigged elections. As a result, hundreds of people were arrested, imprisoned and killed, simply for demanding their rights.