Why Khamenei’s bodyguards worry during prayer over Hashemi Rafsanjani’s dead body


Special report by Iranian National News Agency


Faramarz Dadras, IT specialist


Faramarz Dadras: Khamenei’s bodyguards are worried about disconnection of the [medical] apparatus that has been installed in his chest for a while. If you pay close attention, when Khamenei kneels on the ground and sits beside the coffin of Rafsanjani, somebody called [inaudible] who is one of the closest people to Khamenei, beckons somebody to come and check the apparatus that is in Khamenei’s chest. Then there is a second person who gets closer to Khamenei and puts his hand in his [Khamenei’s] collar. And when the prayer is over and he [Khamenei] stands up, they want to test it for the third time, but this time Khamenei refuses it with his left hand and does not allow them to try it again.


This shows us that Khamenei is intensely monitored 24/7. Moreover, with installing an apparatus in his chest, all his conditions are being monitored. This apparatus is one of the latest advanced medical technologies. This small apparatus, which is the size of a pen refill or even smaller, is installed under the skin.


It can be monitored from distance by a cellphone and with downloading a software. It can also be accessed through Internet and computer. This apparatus was first used for a 4-year-old French girl in 2014. She was suffering from an unknown disease and used to faint.


And she was constantly monitored. The worry about this apparatus getting disconnected…that day, it was said in verified reports that in the area where the ceremony was held, all cell phones and Internet were disconnected. Therefore, we can conclude that such an apparatus that can be tracked from distance, will enable some of IRGC’s officials and regime’s security officials to monitor all Khamenei’s moves. And before anyone else, even his relatives, they can be notified of his death. Of course, we must pay attention that with technological advancements in the world, and issues of hacking cell phones and Internet systems that have happened so far, other countries with advanced technology and with powerful intelligence services, can also be notified of Khamenei’s death before anybody else.