Rafsanjani’s Daughter at Her Father’s Grave Attacks Iran’s Army General


FATEMEH HASHEMI RAFSANJANI: Mr. Firouzabadi, do you remember what you told me that day? But we were not like that. You told us: you were [involved in] the Friday prayers of [2009] “sedition”.

MAJOR GENERAL HASSAN FIROUZABADI: What kind of words are these?


RAFSANJANI: I know you told us good words too, but said that as well. But my father was not [involved in] the “sedition.” My father was not [involved in] the “sedition.” My father was against the “sedition”. My father liked his country. My father liked his people. My father wanted people to live in best conditions. My father used to say people should not [interruption]


FIROUZABADI: I agree with all your words. But that was a private meeting and I was joking with you.


RAFSANJANI: I know. You were joking with me. You were just joking. You were complimenting my father, Mr. Firouzabadi. Thanks so much!




Additional Information


  • “Sedition” is a term used by Iran hardline authorities when referring to people’s protests against the 2009 presidential election results. [However, this is known as Iran’s Green Movement in which millions of people took to streets believing the election was rigged. As a result, hundreds of people were arrested, imprisoned and killed for demanding their rights.]


  • The Friday prayers of July 2009 was led by Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani. He slammed the government’s handling of the post-election unrest, and called for the release of hundreds of people arrested at the time.